Abnormal Bleeding

This post was written by Sarah Cox, a third year medical student at UTHSCSA who is studying to become an OBGYN. 

You may be experiencing abnormal bleeding that can indicate the need for a doctor’s visit. If any of these symptoms apply to you—don’t worry! These symptoms are not official diagnoses that indicate something is definitely wrong; rather, they are helpful guidelines that can help menstruators know when to go have a checkup. 

There are two types of abnormal bleeding, irregular bleeding and heavy bleeding. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a doctor. 

Irregular Bleeding: 

  • Bleeding longer than 8 days or occurring every 3 weeks or less. 
  • Having a period more often than every 21 days or less often then every 45 days
  • Having bleeding in between a period (called “breakthrough bleeding”)
  • If you haven’t had a period in more than 3 months (if you were having regular periods before) or more than 6 months (if you were having irregular periods before)
  • If you think you could be pregnant

Heavy Bleeding: 

  • If your bleeding is heavy enough that it is interfering with your normal daily activities (such as going to school or work, getting sleep, social activities, or sports)
  • Blood clots that are larger than 1 inch in diameter (about the size of a quarter)
  • Bleeding through clothes
  • Needing to change a saturated pad or tampon during the night
  • If you need to use both a pad and a tampon because you are bleeding so much
  • Signs of low iron (anemia), including feeling very weak, tired, and feeling short of breath when you exercise

NOTE: If you are soaking through a pad or tampon in an hour or less, and/or having very heavy bleeding in which you feel lightheaded, you should go to the emergency room to get evaluated and treated. 

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