Top 5 Period Essentials

Maybe you just started your period for the first time. Or, maybe you have had your period for a while but it has always been miserable and you are looking for a change. 

Here are our top FIVE things that everyone needs to make their period more manageable: 

1. Period Emergency Kit 

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Whether your period is regular or irregular, it is important to have an emergency period kit.

Maybe you were under a lot of stress this month and your period starts before you expect it. Or your period is irregular and so you always have to be prepared. Maybe you bleed more heavily one day than you had anticipated. Or you thought you had packed pads, but when you go to get one it isn't there. 

We recommend that everyone (even non-menstruators) keep a period emergency kit on them. You can make your own by getting a small bag and filling it with your favorite period supplies. 

Or, you can purchase our pre-made period supply kits here

2. Period Products of Choice

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If you don't LOVE the period products you use, TRY SOMETHING ELSE

There are so many different options, and we recommend you try as many of them as you can so you know what works best for your individual body. 

Some options you might not have heard of or considered: period underwear, period swimsuits, period cups (use code Lauren10), or period disc

You can try a whole bunch of different options for a great price with our Period Box for New Menstruators!

3. Pain Management 

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We want to remind you that painful periods are not normal and you don't have to suffer through it. 

If you are having mild period pain, you can take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications (think Tylenol or Advil) or birth control. You can also use heat such as a heating pad, hot water bottle, or warm bath. 

If your period pain does not go away with OTC mediations, please see a doctor! You deserve to feel comfortable every day of the month. 

4. Rest

Some menstruators find that they have more energy while on their period, and if that is you then great! Use that. 

But if that isn't you, know you aren't alone. You are losing a lot of blood. It is normal for your energy levels to drop. Make sure to take extra care of yourself and give yourself grace. 

Allowing yourself time to rest and focusing on foods that will increase your iron supply is important during this time! 

5. Heating Pad

Heating Pad from somdays

Using heat with OTC pain medications can increase the effectiveness of both, but with or without pain medications, a heating pad is still a must have! 

You can get purchase an electric heating pad or a hot water bottle or you can make your own rice bag! Any of these options can work well to relax your muscles and reduce cramping. 

You can also take a warm bath if you have access to a bathtub.  

What are yours?

Now we want to hear from you! What is your period product essential? What products can't you live without while you are menstruating? Let us know in the comments below so we can update our list to include some of the most popular suggestions.

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