Body Changes

Your Body is Changing ... Isn't That Incredible?!

During this time you will gain weight. It is normal and it is good! Do not freak out or go on a diet to lose weight. Your body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to!

Your breasts are going to start to enlarge before your first period. This takes around two years for them to grow in completely and sometimes can cause a little soreness.

You will most likely start to get pimples on your face. It’s totally normal and can usually be taken care of with some face wash.

You’re going to start to have body odor from underneath your armpits. Make sure you’re showering everyday and don’t forget to put on deodorant.

You may notice white mucous-like discharge that comes from your vagina and onto your underwear. That is just the change in hormones going on in your body and it’s totally normal.

All these hormones tend to make us irritable and grumpy or extra sensitive. It is common for teens to be more emotional than normal. Your brain is trying to figure out how to work in this new body and that’s a lot to handle.

And finally remember everyone’s body is different. Don’t compare your body to your friends’ or classmates’ bodies. Everyone’s experiencing so much change right now so don’t compare the timing of it all. Be gentle with yourself and others.