Hi Parents!

Your child is looking to you for direction right now. If you are weird about periods, they’re going to be weird about periods. Relax.

What’s happening to their body is totally normal and good and we’re here to celebrate! But remember, their body feels foreign to them right now. Follow their lead. Give them space to digest all this new information being thrown at them while also letting them know you’re happy to answer any and all questions they have.
Tell them the truth, use anatomical vocabulary, and do not get flustered if you don’t know how to answer something. It’s okay to say “I don’t know.” Look it up. Learn together. Remember every child is different.
Respect their privacy and stay out of their box. The whole point of the box is for them to try different products to see what works best for them. Some products may seem intimidating to them at first and that’s okay. It can sit in the box until they’re feeling up to it.
If they like a certain product from the box, get ready to run to the store and pick up more! Make sure and keep them stocked with their favorite products so they don’t feel like they have to keep asking you to add it to the shopping list. They may feel weird or embarrassed so take care of it without being asked so they know you have their back.
Some teens may be super open about their periods and that's awesome! Do not quiet them. To quiet them is to tell them not to talk about a part of their existence. Period talk is not disgusting or inappropriate. It is normal and so good.
Be gentle with your menstruator. Their hormones can make them irritable, grumpy, and sensitive. Remember your child holds it together all day long only to fall apart at home. It is not a matter of frustration or disrespect but rather a comfort of being home and feeling safe. This is good.
Let them know you love them and see so much potential in them as they’re becoming an adult. Remind them how smart and capable they are and how much good you know they’re going to put into the world.
You’ve got this. You’re an amazing parent and they’re lucky to have you.