The go-to solution for many menstruators. Easy to use and widely accessible.

Tampons can seem super overwhelming when you first start your period because a lot of menstruators are not familiar with their vagina. Don't be intimidated! Your body was created to handle this. And don't worry ... it can't get lost inside of you.

There are tons of tampons out there and they are all a little different. Whatever is comfortable and works for you is great! The tampons in your box are used by first pulling the plunger back, then after inserting the rounded tip of the applicator into your vagina, pushing the plunger forward. By doing this the cotton tampon is released into your vagina. Pull out the plastic applicator and throw it away. The cotton tampon stays in your vagina, and the end of the string stays outside your body so you can pull on it to remove the tampon when it is time.

  • Readily available/many options of brands
  • Small to carry with you
  • Easy to put in
  • You can swim with it in
  • You can leave one in for up to 8 hours
  • Comfortable- can’t feel it inside of you
  • TSS/do not leave it in past 8 hours
  • Mess having to put it into the trash can after use
  • Guessing when to take it out- too full or too dry guessing game
  • Expensive (going through a box every period adds up)


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